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Clothing Catalog/Pool flooding!/Water Party/Pin July 6, 2007

Posted by Haloxxx (Tahu) in Cp, free items, parties, Summer.

First the clothing catalog:
The new items areblue and pink rollarblades (blue and pink seperate), firefighter helmat and jacket, Swim goggles (secret item) (Click the drumsticks on the music pages), and some other stuff, sorry, don’t have a pic
Second, the pool:
Ok this one I have pics to:
Pool Flooding
The cave is flooding!
Click to see lager pics. There is good news and bad news from that
Good news:
Free mining hat like last year when the underground opened, and more place to swim

Bad news:
The only thing keeping the water out is a few planks of wood, I think this will make cart surfer a little harder because water is going in there, and there is water EVERYWHERE

Next, the water party:
don’t have a pic for this, well it starts next Friday, there will be a pool in 1 room for awhile, water baloons will be somewhere, and that’s it for the water party

And last, the pin:
The pin is in the dance lounge (AGAIN!! Isn’t that the 3rd time?), and it is a water droplet, here is the pic:
New pin
ok that’s all for today (or now…)



1. abby97 - July 16, 2007

3rd time/? wat other pins were therE?
Editor’s Comment:
1. There was one but I don’t remember, can someone help me here?
2. Shrimp, out in Feburary I think.
3. The one now, water drop

2. antreas mina - September 3, 2007


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