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Peppygirl121 is back! August 16, 2007

Posted by Haloxxx (Tahu) in Uncategorized.

Peppygirl121 or Peppy for short is back!! YAY!!! She’s been gone forever!. She deleted her old ones and made a new one, if you know what her new site is comment it in a comment here and I’ll give you a priza or 5000 coins (member’s only). Non-members will get get something else.



1. saltypeper - August 17, 2007


2. Sageyboy - August 17, 2007

Hi, All try to.

3. Wii Kid 183 (Tahu208) - August 17, 2007

Yay Sagey too!! You haven’t been on WordPress much

4. sportsboy564 - August 17, 2007

Tahu’s Comment:
No, that’s Eastergirl’s site, not Peppy’s, Peppy made a NEW one, that one in over 4 months old

5. Chewy Pup - August 17, 2007

u think i hacked hola omg im still mad cuz my sites screwed up. The guy who hacked hola is a jerk I know who he is and hes driving me insane. I have a plan too get it back I hope it works.

Chewy Pup

6. Wii Kid 183 (Tahu208) - August 18, 2007

Wait you got hacked too Chewy right?

7. shippo8262 - August 28, 2007

mayb peppy didnt make a new blog

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