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Runescape September 10, 2007

Posted by Haloxxx (Tahu) in Uncategorized.

Runescape is cooler than I thought, if you want to meet me on it my username is Halo kid120. Cya!



1. meketiki - September 11, 2007

why does everyone want to talk about runescape? i want to talk about THE greatest show on EARTH naruto! its awsome! i dont want to talk about runescape! NARUTO NARUTO NARUTO NARUTO!
*still twisted as ever*

2. Red Puffles - September 11, 2007

hey i wanna be your friend on rs
Waddles On!

3. Red Puffles - September 11, 2007

you wanna fight in the wilderness?

4. meketiki - September 11, 2007

ur talking to me? *looks around*

5. shippo8262 - September 12, 2007

no red puffles plays runescape (i used to but i suck at it! :P) and hes talk to tahu

6. Haloxxx (Tahu) - September 12, 2007

Sure, I JUST DIE AND LOST ALL MY GOOD ARMOR AND STUFF!!! NOOO!!!!! good thing I had some stuff in the bank, but I lost all my money.

7. zhengolp - September 13, 2007

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8. Red Puffles - September 13, 2007

hey tahu um… just wondering are you a member?
Waddle On!

9. Red Puffles - September 13, 2007

wanna fight in the wilderness?
i’ll be there.
In world 16
Waddle On!

10. Haloxxx (Tahu) - September 14, 2007

No frickin way, I hate that place. also no I am not a member

11. MS - September 19, 2007

I wanted to show my friends an example of what Lucario (because Rukario evolves into Lucario) looks like. I know the card doesn’t exist. I posted the picture from a web site that showed a bunch of real and fake cards I like. I like to create my own cards sometimes.

12. Stephen - September 21, 2007

Hey! I played Runescape when I was like 7, I got bored when I was 9, and I don’t play anymore! My guy was named Poirier08 and he was level 70, he got hacked and I don’t care 😆

Well, ttyl!

13. Red Puffles - September 22, 2007

i think i’m gonna go to the wilderness today or tommrow i haven’t been there for ages!

14. PËÑÐØ_†H€_ЀMØÑ - November 24, 2007

Hey Tahu, I’m so sorry I’m Pendoray I accidentally gave your site to the wrong person I’ll make you an admin and deadmin the otehr guy.

15. PËÑÐØ_†H€_ЀMØÑ - November 24, 2007

Whats your email?

16. PËÑÐØ_†H€_ЀMØÑ - November 24, 2007

ok I made you an admin on there if you want to de-admin me thats fine but if its alright I could help post about Pokemon and stuff I’m still working on a pokemon computer game.

17. coolness57 - March 4, 2008

eww rs? maplestory pwns ;D
wayy better graphics and crap
lol o_o

18. Capuff33 (who doesn't feel like logging onto wordpress right now) - September 13, 2008

Yuck, you like runsecape?? I played that b4 i started cp and i hate it now.

Oh, well.. to each his own, as someone or other said…

19. trueprotein - June 20, 2010

You guys wana fight, My username is dohaga, world 13

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