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Please don’t e-mail my hotmail one much because I can’t go on it much

Personal Imfornation:

I am 10 years old, I live in Ontario, have a brother that attacks me A LOT. I am also bored a lot.

CP Imformation:

I have most items since Christmas, have been a member since January 15, and my membership will expire July 15, I will usaly have 95-99 buddies, and will dress up how I like.


I like pokemon, video games, TV, food, more pokemon (lol), and Halo.

Video game consols owned:

4 Gameboy SP’s, 1 black Nintendo DS, X-box, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, 2 Wii’s

Video games owned:

Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Pinball, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Ranger, 3 Bionicle Games, and Sonic Heroes. Pokemon Battle Revolution, Wii Sports, and Wii Play.

Wanted game systems:

Xbox 360 for Halo 3

That’s it! Ask any questions you have!!


(I know, too many pokemon games and a random moment)


1. Capuff33 - June 16, 2007

On the header, do you know alex sidney, or did he/she just happen to be there when u took the pic?
Editor’s comment:
They just happened to be beside me then, and I was to lazy to take a pic to replace it.
Editor’s comment#2:
How did you know the name was Alex Sidney? The only part you can see is the Alex part, and the rest is covered by me.

2. Peppy/Bobo - June 17, 2007

you can see the sidney part. and capuff, who is this alex sidney person?
Editor’s comment:
well barely

3. *~Cyclone999~* - July 5, 2007

On SONIC HEROES, its for what system?

Did you beat it?
Beat Metal Maddness yet?
Editor’s Comment:
What the hell is Metal Maddness?

4. shippo8262 - July 5, 2007

sonic heros r on playstation,gamecube, and xbox
Editor’s Comment:
Thank you Shippo

5. shippo8262 - July 5, 2007

ur welcome

6. birshi - July 16, 2007

Why you such a nerd? You like pokemon? I used to have cards but i gave them all away! Ha! suck That!

Sorry for yelling.I just realy realy realy hate pokemon!

-Birshi BOMB!

7. birshi - July 16, 2007

All pokemon games?Wat a waste of money!


-Birshi BOMB!
Editor’s Comment:
Wow, your the first one to say that to me and I havn’t edited the comment to make you look stupid, also, your an idiot, because it’s not a waste of money, and one last thing, if you went to my school and were in my class, oh you would see how popular I am, because in my class, NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE in my class knows more about pokemon than me, because I have studied all attacks, stats, cheats, pokemon, and walkthroughs for games for about 5 years, so no one who likes pokemon in my class disrespects me…

8. Fylliper - August 4, 2007


I LOVE POKEMON!!! I’ve loved it since I was 4 now I’m 12 so yea!

If u put me and my brother’s games 2gether, we have:
Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, PEarl, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Crystal. I have a black DS my bro has a white DS and I have a blue gb advance and my bro has a blue gb SP,

My afve pokemon are flygon, weavile and any water pkmn.

>>Fylliper =]

9. Fylliper - August 4, 2007


I 4got to add:

I have a N64 with Pkmn Stadium 2 and Pkmn Snap.

I waz going 2 buy Ranger but i didnt

>>Fylliper =]

10. ŢĄĦŮ208 - August 4, 2007

I have emerald Rubly Leafgreen Diamond Pearl um, Ranger, blue and red mystery dungeon, PBR, Staidium, and like 20 other things

11. Fylliper - August 6, 2007


I 4got my brother has FireREd,

>>Fylliper =]

12. ~♠~ Lol Im Cool ~♦~ - September 4, 2007

Yeah you are right, WAY TOO MANY POKEMON GAMES! I used to like pokemon, now I hate it.

~♠~ Lol Im Cool ~♠~ :mrgreen:
Speed and Succeed! 😀
Visit http://agentpengee.wordpress.com today!

13. saltypeper - November 4, 2007

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14. saltypeper - November 4, 2007
15. shippo8262 - November 21, 2007

go to that site i have something to say aswell..

16. green26gangstas - January 13, 2008

You are honest.

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