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newspaper September 6, 2007

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Here is some of the newspaper:
Notice where it says tent A.VOTE FOR WAKE CAPER!!!!

new stuff September 3, 2007

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yeah whatever just look at the pic:
yeah whatever

Camping Party! August 24, 2007

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Rockhopper left, and the Camping Party is ON! Here’s a pic:
ok free item is at the cove it’s those sticks bye

NEW GLITCH WTF!!! August 23, 2007

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I found out on someone else’s site but this is my own pic:
When you try doing the pizza icon it just does that, NOT A HACK REAL GLITCH TRY IT!!

New Mission+Sled Racing Closed+Newspaper August 9, 2007

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Sled Racing is closed and the new mission is out. Today the new newspaper is out and lucky you the winners of the clothing contest, there’s a bunch of other junk and the new pin is out. Rockhopper’s coming next week i think. L8tr

New newspaper August 2, 2007

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Well I don’t have pics for it but here’s a small discription:
Igloo Contest ended
New clothing contest, dress upi in a camp outfit or just crazy
Rockhopper thanked Aunt Artic for the camera and he’s leaving tomorrow
Featured Game is Cart Surfer
That’s it folks!

New servers again! August 1, 2007

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Here are some new servers released today (I grouped them all together):
Some New Servers
I’ll be in Snowfall most of the time now! Cya!

ROCKHOPPER!!! July 31, 2007

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I met Rockhopper again!!! here’s a pic of me and him from just today:
Rockhopper and me!
See! He gives you a special background now (Sorry to the people who didn’t get the eye patch from him. Good thing I got the Eye patch and The background, I didn’t take a pic of the background becuase I already had it from a couple days ago when I met him on his ship and at the cove so this is my 5th time finding him! (Thanx to the person who told me he was here!) he was in boots and someone on bribble told me where he was, i remember thier name started with A I think