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Here is the unifor for the CPST:


Swimming trunks,green/yellow ducky, or diver’s swimsuit for body, and kind or flippers for feet, blue/green goggles or anything else for eyes, and any colour and background

Green/yellow ducky if you have it, and green sunglasses if you have it, if you don’t have those, then surfboard in sand background and the colour blue (any blue!).


Like boy member’s but Yellow Bikini or Pink Swimsuit instead of swimming trunks

Same thing as non-member boys but the colour pink, peach, or yellow
Examples are on the sub-pages


1. abby97roxy - August 2, 2007

what excactly do we do?

2. Dah2rules - August 3, 2007

Uhhhh, How do we join this????????????????????

3. ŢĄĦŮ208 - August 3, 2007

Second page of all the posts, the CPST joining post will be there
Edit: I made a sub-page for you to join, and we just have swimming races and stuff

4. Questionaire who is Adamdude1 - August 14, 2007

The Vicking army will like to make peace with u do u except? We see u r a new army right now but we know u will become strong.

5. Wii Kid 183 (Tahu208) - August 14, 2007

WTF? I’m not a damn army

6. pelidi - September 16, 2007

pos paei??
kala?mpravo!!eimai o pellidi sto server iceland!!!stin aglia!bye tora

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