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CPST uniform

I will just show you a pic of the uniforms (note you can wear a different colour of the colthing item and non-members don’t have to wear their items, just the colour, and members, if you don’t have the goggles wear and other eye item)
CPST uniform



1. Zoa Zao - July 9, 2007

Sweet! I wanna join! Send me an e-mail when we’re gettin’ together.
Editor’s Comment:
Ok I don’t mind

2. shippo8262 - July 9, 2007

il think about joining

3. ŢĄĦŮ208 - July 9, 2007

Go to the CPST post and tell me there

4. Samcassie97 - July 21, 2007

im a girl member but i do not have the snorkel do i have to wear it?

5. shippo8262 - July 21, 2007

i dont hav the snorker ethier if mi other didnt get bann i would hav it

6. ŢĄĦŮ208 - July 22, 2007

No you don’t, just swimming items

7. abby97roxy - August 2, 2007


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